Homeopathic Treatment

Homoeopathic Treatment is logical, safe, quick, reliable and permanent treatment based on fixed laws, doctrines and principles. To offer cure through Homoeopathy, one has to follow the fixed laws and doctrines. Homoeopathic treatment is available for acute, chronic, epidemic and functional disorders. Many times, this treatment has averted the necessity of surgery.

In structural conditions, where pathological changes have taken place, homoeopathic cure is not possible. Aim of homoeopathic treatment is to stimulate the body’s self-healing powers ensuring a complete natural cure. It increases the resistance of a person thereby, improving the quality of life in an individual.

Treatment in Homoeopathy takes place by administrating a drug whose symptoms are matched with the characteristic symptoms of the patient. The characteristic symptoms of the patient are found by though systematic investigation of the patient as a whole that is through Case Taking. Homeopathic doctor analyzes the details of the patient on the mental, emotional and physical aspect before starting homeopathic treatment. Doctor considers and prescribes the best drug, which closely corresponds to the totality of symptoms suffering by the patient.

In the treatment of Homoeopathy, every patient is considered as a different patient, no two patients are considered alike. Dosage, potency and repetition of the homoeopathic medicine during the treatment are judged through several factors. Duration of the treatment differs from case to case.

Importance of homoeopathic treatment is its classical feature of permanent restoration of health. In case, the symptoms relapse then that is not considerable to be homoeopathic treatment. Homoeopathic treatment does not give rise to any side effects as the medicines are derived from natural sources and are free from any chemical toxicity. Hence, it is possibly safe for use in individuals of all age groups, both male & female, children, pregnant and breast feeding women. Homoeopathic treatment does not only have a role in the curative aspect, but it is also indicated on the preventive aspect.

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