Homeopathic Medicines

A homeopath will first examine an individual with its symptoms and would advise the individual taking homeopathic medicine in natural sense, which will help to cure its vital response system from illness naturally. It is always recommended to refer a registered homeopath before opting for a Homeopathy medicine. Another way of taking homeopathic medicine should only be taken when one knows it is right remedy.

Homeopathic medicines are normally taken as pills which are placed under the tongue. It can be consumed in every two hours for the first six doses and then four times daily for up to five days. There are medicines which can also be applied on some illness.

If one individual is taking a pill form of medicine, then one should avoid contact with the skin. Just a drop directly room the lid and pour into the mouth.

Below are some medicines, which should be taken when there is minor discomfort with your health:

  1. Allium cepa is taken when one feels a burning sensation in your nose and eyes while cutting onions.
  2. Arnica is the remedy for first aid and sports medicine. It is used for shock and trauma from an injury and also helps in reducing pain.
  3. Chamomilla is the remedy for treating an infant from irritation by teeth or colic.
  4. Hypercium is used for healing pains in fingers, toes and back injuries from the nerves.
  5. Ignatia reduces an individual suffering from acute grief, anxiety and depression.
  6. Magnesia phosphorica is the most effective remedy suffering from cramps including menstrual cramps.
  7. Nux vomica is a remedy which helps in treating symptoms of overheating or from drinking habits.

All the above medicines are recommended to consult with a Homeopathic doctor under proper observation. Whenever the symptoms of the illness is reduced and healed stop using Homeopathic medicine and only start after the symptoms starts occurring in the same manner. A professional Homeopath will treat the individual helping with your diet and lifestyle.

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