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Biochemic Medicine

What is Biochemic System of Medicine?

Biochemic System of Medicine is based on the Theory of Deficiency. The inventor Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler acknowledged the presence of twelve Biochemic minerals or inorganic salts present in every cell of the human body. Each of these mineral salts has a pivotal role in preserving the harmony in the living organism. Accurate balance of these inorganic salts is crucial for the appropriate functioning of body tissues thus, maintaining health. Any alteration or deficiency in these inorganic salts leads to the production of a disease.  On replenishing the body with the deficient amount of inorganic salts, the body is capable of re-establishing health. These twelve inorganic salts are termed as Biochemic Tissue Salts.

The aim of prescribing Biochemic medicine is to fulfill the requirement of the deficient cell nutrient salt. Biochemic medicines directly act on the cellular level, boosting the production of the deficient mineral salt. These remedies act only if there is an existence of deficiency of a particular salt. Deficiency of a particular cell salt gives rise to a specific set of symptoms, which points to the need of a particular remedy to restore the equilibrium of the salt in the body. The success of Biochemic treatment lies in fulfilling the deficiency of the mineral salt through Biochemic medicines. To replenish the deficiencies of the inorganic salts at the cellular level, the cell salts are prescribed in low decimal potency. Dosage, repetition and potency of Biochemic medicine are dependent on the requirement of the case. As the condition improves, the interval between the two doses can be increased. The medicine can be stopped after the deficiency is fulfilled.

The Biochemic medicines are potentized, as these salts are inert in their natural state. Decimal scale is used to prepare Biochemic medicines using the principles of homeopathy. Biochemic remedies are available in potencies, in the range of 3X, 6X, 12X up to 30X. These salts are available in the form of chewable tablets. Treatment through Biochemic medicines is likely safe, as it has no chemical toxicity.